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This entry shall enable all ieXwiki members to list bugs found in Vista RTM (Build 6000), and for other members to comment on fixes, workaround and causes. Be as descriptive as possible!

For our previous results, check out Windows Vista.

Do not post problems with software unless you are certain it is a general bug in Vista itself (i.e. bad compatablitiy emulation). Post any actual software issues in this alternative listing.


  • Please mention if it applies to the 32-Bit, 64-Bit or both Builds!



  • Bug Description (Mention Architecture in brackets): A general description of the bug
    • Cause : The actions a user must perform for the bug to occur
      • Solution : A theoretical way of fixing the problem, which indicates the nature of the bug is understood
        • Workaround : A method that requires the User's action to negate the bug This will probably be the most common Solution
        • Fix : A transparent solution, either by way of a program or script, that prevents the adverse effects of the bug automatically, by negating the bug's effects
        • Patch : A complete and transparent solution, by actually finding the bug and correcting it, via a registry hack or (for microsoft engineers only) recoding it. Also may include removing or disabling the function from Vista entirely if plausible

Audio Device

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): High definition audio device stops responding after resuming a computer from sleep or from hibernation, you see an "X" appear on the speaker icon in the notification area

IEEE1394 Device

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Stop 0x9F error when resuming a computer from sleep or from hibernation


  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): STOP 0x0000000A when installing Vista on a system that uses more than 3 GB of RAM
    • Cause : Windows Vista bug
      • Workaround: Makes sure the system has <3GB RAM before install, apply the hotfix listed below and then installs the remaining memory
      • Solution : Download the Reliability update for the USB stack hotfix

USB Device

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): USB Device stops responding after resuming a computer from sleep or from hibernation


  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): You may be prompted to activate Windows Vista on a computer on which Windows Vista activation was not previously required
    • Cause : A specific system setting is removed when a program runs with administrative credentials


  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Installation fails with /quiet option in wusa.exe
    • Cause : Wusa.exe does not make the appropriate WUA API call notifies the package contains a custom software license agreeement

3rd Party Game/Application

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Game/Application may not be installed, instable or may not work correctly

Internet Explorer 7

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): The computer may respond very slowly as the Phishing Filter evaluates Web page contents in Internet Explorer 7

Windows Application Error Reporting

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Vista Application Error Reporting unintentionally send problem reports to Microsoft without first verifying that you have granted permission for this reporting operation
    • Cause : Some flags indicating how users should be asked for permission before a problem report is sent was interpreted correctly

Windows Explorer

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Unable to find files with Advanced Search

Windows Mail

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): I am getting junk e-mails in Windows Mail
    • Cause : Microsoft Windows Mail Junk E-mail and Phishing Filter is not up to date

Windows Media Center

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Viewing television in Windows Media Center prevent me from receiving audio in the desired language
    • Cause : If the language description of an audio stream is an unsupported audio type, an incorrect stream will be selected.

Windows Resource Kit

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Unable to use Windows Resource Kit tool Moveuser.exe
    • Cause : Windows Resource Kit tool Moveuser.exe is incompatible with Windows Vista

Networking: Accessing VPN Server

  • Bug Description (32-bit,64-bit): Cannot access any resources on a remote VPN server after you switch a network connection from one network adapter to another
    • Cause : The route from the client computer to the remote VPN server is set up on a network adapter that has the lowest route metric


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