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The Fine Print

A friendly reminder, do NOT submit copyrighted work without permission and do NOT mess up these pages!
Also, due to recent instances of spam, anonymous editing of pages has been disabled!

ieXbeta's Wiki

ieXbeta's venture into the world of wiki marks the first time somebody takes a shot at creating a wiki about operating systems and software applications. The goal of it is to make an inventory, a dictionary, and an encyclopedia about everything related to the previous topics.

Without trying to be exhaustive, nor imperative - you are all the "owner" of each page on this wiki after all - the following guidelines could be used by the content creator (YOU) whenever you wonder what to write about next.

Start reading or writing: In addition to the Search bar, try the Navigation bar on the left to see a random page, check out the list of Categories, or visit all the articles. If you don't know what to write about, check out the wanted pages.

Tech Dictionary

A dictionary of computer terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and phrases.



Software Applications

A variety of software application information including a Software Taxonomy as well as lists of Native x64 Software, Software Compatible with Windows XP x64, Software Compatible with Windows Vista, and Software Compatible with Windows 7.

Operating Systems



A variety of hardware information including a list of the current Top PC Hardware, Hardware Compatible with Windows XP x64, Hardware Compatible with Windows Vista, and Hardware Compatible with Windows 7.

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